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Labor Market Needs for High School Students;

Dear Student, Parent or Guardian:
In compliance with recent legislation (167.902  RSMo), Everton High School is passing along information to identify occupations in which a critical need or shortage of trained personnel exists in the labor markets in the state of Missouri.

Each high school is to provide its students with this information before November 1 of every school year.

Legislation passed during the 2018 session that requires the Department of Economic Development (DED) to annually identify occupations in which a critical need or shortage of trained personnel exists in the labor market in the state and provide such information to the State Board of Education (SBE). Upon receipt of such data, the SBE shall, in collaboration with DED, compile the following:

  • Information on how to obtain industry recognized certificates and credentials

  • Information on how to obtain a license and the requirements for a license when licensure is required for an occupation

  • Access to assessments and interest inventories that provide insight into the types of careers that would be suitable for students

  • Resources that describe the types of skills and occupations most in demand in the current job market and those skills and occupations likely to be in high demand in future years

  • Resources that describe the typical salaries for occupations and salary trends

  • Information on how to obtain financial assistance for postsecondary education

  • Information on how to choose a college, school, or apprenticeship that aligns with the student’s career goals and values

  • Information on self-employment

  • Resources related to creating a résumé, interviewing, networking, and finding job opportunities

  • Information on the skills and traits necessary to succeed in various careers

Attached is all the information that was given from the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.