Welcome to the Tiger Cubs Preschool Program!  We have been open since February 27, 2014, proudly serving the Everton (and surrounding) community.  The administrators, teachers, and staff take the responsibility of providing a quality program and constantly strive to motivate and stimulate the educational potential in ourselves and in the children we serve.  The Tiger Cubs Preschool provides a developmentally appropriate preschool education for children ages three through five.  Project Construct curriculum is used in our program as well as the Early Childhood standards.  This curriculum is based on the theory that child construct knowledge and values from their interactions with the physical and social world.  Children learn most readily when they are actually and directly involved in experiences that are meaningful to them.  We are funded in part through parental fees and various grants awarded.  All staff will be CPR qualified and First-Aid certified.  All staff must have a Family Care Safety Registry, criminal background check, and finger printing.  The Tiger Cubs Preschool is a four-day a week program from 7:30am (not tardy until 8)-3:35pm.  We follow the District's Board approved school calendar.
We are a state-licensed facility and must meet licensing requirements.  Should you have any questions about state licensing, a rulebook is available in the preschool room for you to read and review.  
Choosing the right preschool for your child is one of the most important tasks you will face as a parent.  We are committed to providing quality education in a safe, well supervised and nurturing environment.